HI all,

Looking at the benchmarks posted on the web, radeon 7340 beats intel 4500 twice.
I never expected a big improvement in graphics with radeon 7340 vs intel 4500m (not even 4500m hd), but results so far are dissapointing.
Please share some experience.

So far i have two laptops, both ubuntu 12.04.2 fresh installs - not upgrades:
Compaq CQ56 - Intel T4500 2.3GHz , 3GB RAM , Intel 4500M graphics
HP 655 - AMD E-Series E2-1800 1.8GHz, 4GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 7340 graphics

Intel graphics with ppa drivers gives best result in gtkperf - 14 sec.
Radeon 7340:
prebild drivers - 26 sec - clear look - best visual.
proprietary drivers and catalist drivers - 20 sec , even some of them gives very unpleasent look.

Is this the reality or i'm missing something?