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Thread: /bin folder erased as sudo

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    /bin folder erased as sudo

    Hi all,

    When I doing my work, managing embedded filesystems, I erased as sudo my /bin folder, when I was trying to erase other folder called with the same name
    Also my /dev folder.

    Exists any way to obtain it again. I'm using ubuntu 8.04

    I can't acces to other PC's via SCP, neither the others PC's to my pc.

    I inserted USB memories, CDs, but I found a message that I haven't /bin/mount file.

    I will appreciate your help.. I guess I need to re-install my ubuntu..


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    Re: /bin folder erased as sudo

    If you used the rm command, then you have no hope.

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    Re: /bin folder erased as sudo

    You could try booting from a live-cd and copying the live session's /bin folder to your harddrive.

    [edit: I see you have no /dev folder either. You could try copying that one from a live session as well, but I think it's likely that you will end up missing important stuff still.]
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