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Thread: Beginner programming challange #8

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    Beginner programming challange #8

    Beginner Programming Challenge #8

    Welcome to the 8th beginner programming challenge. First, please let me apologise for the un-judged challenge 7. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the OP of the thread was unable to judge it and the challenges therefore did not progress. However, I am now resuming them with this challenge.

    First, please allow me to make a special announcement. As you may be aware, these challenges are sponsored by the Ubuntu Beginners Team Development Focus Group. This focus group has now created a projects page where you can see what we are working on. You can also request for tutoring on programming topics related to these projects by contacting the programmer responsible for it. The Ubuntu Beginners Team is always looking for new members to join and the development focus group is assimilating also.

    Now, lets get onto the challenge!


    Create a guess the number game as in Challenge 1. However, this version must be able to have Human vs Human, AI vs Human and AI vs AI.

    Human vs Human should take user input for the number, then Human input for the guesses.

    Human vs AI should ask the user for a number and then the computer should guess what the number is.

    AI vs AI should randomly generate a number and then have the computer guess that number.

    Extra Cookies:

    Extra cookie points will be awarded for:

    • The use of an input file for funny too low, too high messages
    • The ability to specify Human vs Human, Human vs AI and AI vs AI via a command line switch
    • The ability to change the range of the random number via a command line switch
    • The ability to display an ascii representation of a cookie when answer is gained in less then 3 guesses (negative cookie points will occur if this ascii representation does not closely resemble a cookie)

    Disqualified Entries:

    Any overly obfuscated code will be immediately disqualified without account for programmers skill. Please remember that these challenges are for beginners and therefore the code should be easily readable and well commented.

    Any non-beginner entries will not be judged. Please use common sense when posting code examples. Please do not give beginners a copy paste solution before they have had a chance to try this for themselves.


    If you require any help with this challenge please do not hesitate to come and chat to the development focus group. We have a channel on #ubuntu-beginners-dev

    Last but not least:


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