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Thread: Lattitude C610 Wantering Cursor Problems

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    Lattitude C610 Wantering Cursor Problems

    So, I am a new user of Ubuntu and Linux. I chose it for my new (to me) Dell Latitude C610 notebook I got for college. I took a lot of effort to get the laptop working, but it runs fine now. The only problem is the wandering cursor. I've typed "wandering cursor" into google and the C610 is the subject of discussion... apparently there is some mechanical problem or something that can be circumvented in Windows with the installation of a new touchpad driver. But all the drivers I can find are for Windows.
    The wandering pointer problem on my laptop is progressively getting worse to where now it is getting quite annoying and even causing problems for me when I am trying to do homework. Since I am new to Linux and Ubuntu, I am unfamiliar with all the Terminal prompts and whatnot; but if someone could give me a walk-through I could figure it out. If anyone knows a solution to this problem short of opening the thing up, I would be very appreciative. Thank you.


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    Dell Latitude Laptops have a long history of problems with wandering cursors.

    The problem is caused by the small ribbon cable that carries signals from the touch stick (the little blue ball in the middle of the keyboard. I tried all of the suggestions about changing the driver and adding insulation under the touchpad, but none of them worked.

    I finally took the often repeated suggestion to remove the small ribbon cable completely from the keyboard. This works and only disables the touch stick and the small touchpad right and left buttons. THIS WORKS-so get over the fear of cutting the cable.

    The fix is to remove the keyboard and physically sever (cut) the ribbon cable from the touch ball. It is the small cable with 5 or 6 conductors. Cut it close to the keyboard and the drifting cursor will never be a problem again.


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