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Thread: after xorg.conf has been killed. Where do you go for configurations

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    after xorg.conf has been killed. Where do you go for configurations

    HI all,

    I have a problem. In that (in order),

    1. I tried to setup my second display as a non-mirroring display
    2. that succeeded, however at the wrong resolution
    3. Correct res wasn't available from display menu, so I manually edited the virtual display numbers in the "Screen" section. Reboot
    4. That caused a black border to appear around my new second lcd.
    5. I change xorg.conf back to the original, reboot

    6. black border is still there, where at least it wasn't there before (even at the wrong resolution).

    If xorg.conf is a crippled shadow of itself, and the graphical display configurations doesn't fix it for me, where do I go??

    Where can I find the configuration which is causing this black border to appear ?

    It simply wasn't there when it was auto-configured by ubuntu at first. Before I started trying to "improve" it.

    Help!!! Please!!!

    p.s. I have a ATI card, in a sony vaio laptop, with an external samsung SyncMaster 2494hs 23.6" monitor (this is the one with the black border).
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