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Thread: Undo Persistence in LiveUSB (Live CD on USB)

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    Undo Persistence in LiveUSB (Live CD on USB)

    Hello all,

    I have created a bootable flash drive with 9.10 (Karmic) and enabled persistance mode in order to create settings and alter the installed programs. The trick is: I've gotten to the point that I have worked out the web problems (ie. flash, java, codecs, etc.) and assembled a good collection of software so that a person using the LiveUSB as a demo of Ubuntu can actually have a fully functional experience instead of the bare-bones LiveCD; however, I do not want further changes taking place.

    I am trying to find a means of undoing persistence so that any further changes are discarded at startup, but everything that has been installed & changed up to this point will remain. Preferably, I would like a way to go back and update/install more, but I understand this may be a one-time deal.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Undo Persistence in LiveUSB (Live CD on USB)

    I believe that once your casper-rw file, (or partition) is full you can no longer write to it. But I guess someone could delete files then write more.
    The following page tells how to make a custom Live CD, and thus a custom Live USB.

    Perhaps the casper-rw file can be made read only??? You can find this file under filesystem/cdrom when booted from the flash drive.

    I tried making casper-rw read only but it is still persistent.
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