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Thread: Looking for more resolution control

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    Looking for more resolution control

    My desktop resolution is 1920x1080

    So, a Wine program *not* in a virtual desktop is 1920x1080 (but you know, often 800x600 stretched all funkywunky).

    But a Wine program *in* a virtual desktop, starts off at whatever I've set that desktop to be and then usually once a game launches, it resizes itself. The Wine box (?) starts - nice blue screen at whatever I set the resolution to - say 1024x768 (a different ratio than my desktop/monitor) or 1440x900 (same ratio, different size as my desktop/monitor), but then once the program launches, it turns into a tiny 800x600 box in the middle of my 1920x1080 screen.

    Is there anyway to force Wine to maintain a set resolution?


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    Re: Looking for more resolution control

    To clarify - this has been an issue with any game I've run under Wine for a few years. It's not always a problem though, because many games have in-game resolution options.

    Also, in case what I'm describing is just confusing I took some screenshots.

    Here is Winecfg, the virtual desktop set to 1440x900, on a 1920x1080 desktop

    But once the game launches, that window resizes to this - 800x600 on a 1920x1080 desktop

    If I don't emulate a virtual desktop, I get a stretched out game, like so

    Changing my desktop resolution is almost a workaround... but then I have a huge cursor, huge icons, and my panel items are all rearranged when I go back to a normal size. (Plus it's just painful to say, go from game and switch over to check Pidgin(messenger) and have everything HUGE!)

    Anyhow, just hoping someone has a fix or an idea for this.


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