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Thread: MD5 iso-cd-iso

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    MD5 iso-cd-iso

    I burned an ISO to disk a few weeks back and now I've recreated a new ISO from disk. For giggles, I checked the hash:

    # md5sum my-ubuntu-9.10.iso
    ec6dd12b6231dd982269fce636607ab6 my-ubuntu-9.10.iso

    This doesn't match any of the Karmc hashes listed here:

    Should I expect it to? Or is it simply a matter of too many zeros at the end of my physical CD (or some other minor difference)?

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    Question Re: MD5 iso-cd-iso

    I get the exact same MD5SUM. I found this post by doing a Google search of it. I suppose I could re-download it, but I installed it already Can anybody explain this? I currently only have the ISO burned to a CD-R, so could perhaps that be the problem. I know... trivial stuff :-/

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