Hi there,

I'm well into using OpenVZ on Hardy 8.04. I'm starting to think about the next LTS upgrade that will be Lucid 10.04.

I just downloaded Alpha2 and tried OpenVZ: it isn't there! So I've been searching and it would seem that LXC (Linux Containers) is going to be in Lucid. I'd never heard of LXC before today.

Does anyone know the full story? Will OpenVZ be in Lucid? Even if it is, should one plan on migrating to LXC? What will be the pain involved in that (given the investment in configured and running Hardy based OpenVZ VEs)

As a day 1 plan, I had intended a host upgrade to Lucid leaving the many Hardy based OpenVZ VEs in place and I have (naively) hoped they would just continue working.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated...