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Thread: Virtual MM - QEMU & What is the best Vm solution

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    Virtual MM - QEMU & What is the best Vm solution

    Hi Guys

    I am new to linux and ubuntu and thus id like to keep a windows machine as a vm for certain tasks.

    I have installed virtual machine manager however when I attempt to create a new machine I get a warning that KVM is not available and it may mean that the kvm package is not installed or modules not loaded.

    I am pretty sure I have done these so my question is what steps do I need to ensure I dont get this message aslo is qemu the best solution ?

    Kind Regards

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    Post Re: Virtual MM - QEMU & What is the best Vm solution

    I have the same question, but it might help if we could reign in the question a bit. ... Best solution always has 'ramifications'. If money is no object, versus (like me) needing to make do with what I have, but still wanting to make my own 'cloud type' computing environment.

    If someone wants to answer, how about:

    Giving a couple of answers:

    1. If budget is no issue... what would a nice (but small) solution look like.

    2. If budget bound, what would be a 'reasonably good' type answer.

    TIA. ... Jack

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    Re: Virtual MM - QEMU & What is the best Vm solution

    I suggest you follow the below manual for the installation of KVM and QEMU. Actually KVM is only a part of the Virtual Machine and you also need QEMU. Might that be the source of the problem?

    I followed the below manual and installed a VM running Windows XP without any trouble. And I am definitely not a Ubuntu or Linux Pro.

    I hope it helps and good luck.


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