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Thread: Broadcom STA driver for 802.11

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    Red face Broadcom STA driver for 802.11

    My wireless isn't working on my hp 6735b laptop, my wireless button won't turn on. I have installed the broadcom STA 802.11 driver with a wired connection but I don't know how to enable the driver now. I have read through that page but as far as enabling the driver goes on step 2 for STA it says to go to System > administrator > Additional hardware/ drivers but I don't know where that is. I am running 11.04 Natty and when I click on the Ubuntu icon in the top left of my screen which I presumed was system I cannot find a additional hardware/ driver page, a administration page, or a system page other than system settings which doesn't help me for this. So I cannot activate the STA driver or even find out which driver I am running instead. If anyone can help me out I'd really appreciate it.

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    Re: Broadcom STA driver for 802.11

    On the sidebar click the icon titled "Applications" Next to "Installed" click on "See (number) more results" From there click on "Additional Drivers" Select the STA driver and click "Activate"

    After a reboot you should be set.


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