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Thread: Ubuntu and the Toshiba NB300 / NB305

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    Ubuntu and the Toshiba NB300 / NB305

    I recently got a Toshiba NB305 (the brand new model) and being of an Ubuntu persuasion, immediately put Ubuntu 9.10 on it.

    What runs out of the box:

    * wifi
    * sound
    * graphics
    * keyboard / mouse / usb / other small things which usually work

    What does not work:

    * sleep - will not wake up
    * hibernate - saves and powers off correctly but will not restore after wake up. Hangs at the "waking up, please wait..." logo screen.
    * bluetooth, though this can be enabled following this post originally intended for the NB205 (but it works with the NB305!)
    * software control or hardware keys to control brightness
    * pressing the external monitor function key causes the display to not turn back on when you hit it again

    What was not tested:

    * wired ethernet, though it seemed to recognize the driver, should work.
    * the webcam


    Wifi seems to be unstable, and will disconnect under heavy load (Transferring a 400 MB file cut out about a third of the way through.). It will not reconnect after disconnecting.

    For me, the single most pressing issue will be getting sleep working, following that, control over screen brightness and so on would be nice.

    By "not working" with sleep, I mean the machine seems to go to sleep correctly, and stays asleep. When woken, the power button lights up, the fan and hard drive spin up but the screen does not turn on. I haven't diagnosed it further than that.
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