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Thread: Warning : Do not buy acer aspire revo

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    Re: Warning : Do not buy acer aspire revo

    Quote Originally Posted by Bullwinkle_Moose View Post
    (Note the overscan thing is not an issue with computer monitors, nor with many higher-end TV's that have some sort of 1:1 pixel mapping setting. I have an el cheapo TV that doesn't have that setting, though. And in any case this could potentially be an issue with ANY computer that uses the nvidia chipset, not just the Acer).

    If it's still under warranty, I'd send it back and request a replacement unit (or a refund if the seller will give you one, and you are really that unhappy with it).

    P.S. And if anyone has the Acer and originally didn't have the overscan compensation slider in the nvidia settings panel, and then did something that caused it to magically appear, please tell me what you did, because apparently some people have it and some don't, but it hasn't made an appearance on any of the three systems I've mentioned above!
    Installing the nvidia-195 beta drivers added overscan compensation for me:

    You will have to apt-get remove older nvidia-180 or whatever drivers. You can list them by doing "apt-show-versions | grep nvidia"

    PS: love my Acer Aspire Revo, it's freakin awesome with Ubuntu 9.10 + XBMC

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    Re: Warning : Do not buy acer aspire revo

    More than one year old, but I can't let the subject on this thread stay uncommented.

    I have an Acer Revo 3610. Have upgraded it with 4Gb RAM and a 500Gb 7200 rpm HD drive.

    It runs on dual boot both Win XP, Win 7 and Ubuntu 11.04 and they all run perfectly..
    Both on normal Analog screens, and as I use it now on HDMI at 1920x1200 pix.

    It is not extremely fast, but I can use it without to feel that it slows me down.. Recommended!

    I have had several Acer computers and all of them have really served me well.

    I would actually recommend all computers starting on "A"... Apple, Asus and Acer..


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    Re: Warning : Do not buy acer aspire revo

    Back to sleep, old thread.
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