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Thread: I think my monitor is going bad.

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    I think my monitor is going bad.

    The monitor I purchased with my System76 desktop(approcimately 2 years old) has recently developed patches where the pixels are discolored or have gone black. Attached is a digital photo of affected areas. Since these defects do not show up in screen shots made by Ksnapshot, and persist even when in text-only mode, I can only assume the problem is in the screen itself.

    It should be noted that this computer has always been in a room lacking any heating or cooling, and this winter has thus far been colder than previous winters though I do not know if the cold is the cause of the damage. The monitor does often get wet from condensation, but I frequently wipe away moisture, and this is the first time the monitor itself has ever had problems.

    Being fairly limited in funds, buying a new monitor is something I would rather avoid. Is there anyway I could possibly prevent further damage or reverse existing damage.
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    Re: I think my monitor is going bad.

    One option that comes to mind is to place the monitor in a room which is heated. Frequent cooling and heating cycles could cause moisture to infiltrate the monitor. See if "drying the monitor out in a heated room for several days improves things. Good luck.



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