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Thread: Ubuntu User Days - Jan. 23rd on #ubuntu-classroom

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    Ubuntu User Days - Jan. 23rd on #ubuntu-classroom

    I know there have been quite a few announcements lately for events in the Chicagoland area, so this one will change that up a little bit, as this is a truly great event which you can participate in from the comfort of your own home. However, this event isn't Loco specific, so it's open to any and all Ubuntu users across the world!

    The announcement has just been made that the first ever Ubuntu Users Day event is scheduled for Saturday, January 23rd on the IRC channel #ubuntu-classroom on Freenode. For those of you who aren't familiar with IRC, *here's a great guide* on installing, and getting your IRC client setup. IRC is not only great for the Ubuntu User Days event, but it's also a great method to stay in touch with the Loco team, find support, ask questions, answer others' questions, etc.

    This is the notice from the Ubuntu User Days project, which I think is worded great, so I will just re-post it here:
    The Ubuntu User Days Team would like to announce the first Ubuntu User Day, on January 23, 2010. This will be a very informative one day session geared towards beginner and intermediate Ubuntu users, as well as people who are interested in using Ubuntu. We have 14 classes covering topics ranging from installing Ubuntu, finding help, equivalent programs, using IRC, getting involved in the Ubuntu Community and more. We have enlisted the help of many talented people to lead these classes throughout the day.

    These classes will be taught in #ubuntu-classroom with questions being asked in #ubuntu-classroom-chat on Please visit for a complete class list and schedule of classes.

    There is also a Spanish version of Ubuntu User Days being offered on January, 23, 2010. Please visit Día Del Usuario Ubuntu at for more information on the Spanish Ubuntu User Day!
    I have attended many learning events like this in the past, and I must say, they are truly a great way to learn more about Ubuntu and Linux in general. Even for the more experienced uses, it's a great chance to brush-up on your knowledge, and maybe learn a thing or two that you didn't know before!

    I look forward to seeing you guys there

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