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Thread: Survey request and comments

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    Stay Free

    I've been a GNU/Linux user for the last 6 years, because a choose to be free. I really like Ubuntu because it is really friendly, and I congratulate Canonical for this achievement. I also use other GNU/Linux distributions.

    I think FREE software community (not open source) is doing great in developing excellent applications. I would like Ubuntu to stay free and far from proprietary software. I know it is difficult with hardware manufacturers hiding information. Personally, I have the NVIDIA developers driver installed because I work with CUDA. But I still think we should avoid any kind of proprietary software if we want to be really free.

    Please, don't include more privative software in your distribution. Encourage us to use free alternatives.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Survey request and comments

    a bit off topic
    @betete it's been some time since I have visitied this thread but in case you are not aware skype is available in repos and I've seen that the trend will continue.

    It would be nice that the software centre will let us donate to comunities since we will soon be able to pay for software.

    If you really want a free distrubution I would recomend they are very similar to ubuntu main but they make sure that repos do not include propietery software and that the linux kernel does not have propietary stuff. It also has the a modified firefox "abrowser" that does not offer porpieteriy addons. It is a very good excersize to use it just to be aware how much you need propietary stuff and how much you don't. I was suprised to find out how much I don't need propietary.

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    Re: Survey request and comments

    I'm a webdesigner who doesn't see necessity to use applications for Windows without one ... I love Adobe Photoshop and I can't work without it.

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