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Thread: [Tutorial] Wizard101 on Ubuntu - Detailed

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    Smile [Tutorial] Wizard101 on Ubuntu - Detailed

    The Tutorial

    Welcome to my first tutorial on Ubuntu forums. In this wonderful tutorial (lol) I will be showing you how to run and install Wizard 101 perfectly, with no problems. Wizard 101 is a Windows based game, not a Linux or Macintosh game. Why? Well programming on a Windows operating system is easier than Linux and/or Mac. Also, the majority of the world is Windows based. However, Linux has a secret weapon called Wine! Wine basically allows you to enjoy Windows applications/games on your Linux operating system, perfectly (sometimes). Lets get started on installing Wine and setting up Wizard101!

    Note: You will be asked to enter your "root" password, in order to install Wine.

    Installing Wine

    1. Installing Wine - Install Wine first.

    sudo apt-get install wine wine-utils

    2. Configuring Wine - Do this after installing Wine.


    Make your configuration of Wine like this.

    Installing Wizard101

    1. Download Wizard101 - Need this in order to play & install.

    Use MediaFire if cuts you off.

    2. Open your newly downloaded .zip file and extract the .exe.

    3. Right click on the InstallWizard101.exe and select "Open with Wine Windows Program Loader."

    4. Read & follow the instructions when you open the InstallWizard101.exe. Set your settings like the screenshot below. (Hardware Cursor should be unchecked)

    Make sure your settings are somewhat like this.

    5. Wait for patching to finish and finally enter your username and password, then click "Play." Now you're done .
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