I'm having a lot of trouble getting my Radeon HD 4670 to work with the open source drivers for some reason.

Radeonhd works everytime I want to use it. I just change my xorg.conf file to use it, and walla. However, when I do that, I get no 3d support, etc., and while it's servicable, it's not great.

So I've been trying to just use the "ati" radeon driver. I've downloaded all the materials. I did all the ppas, everything is essentially installed.

Yet, when I switch my device to "ati" in the xorg.conf, I reboot X and get a black screen. This irking me. I was even able to get fglrx to half work (though again, no glx support). So I'm stuck with either a really bad radeonhd, a really bad fglrx experience, or an ati experience that doesn't work.

Any help on getting the "ati" driver to work would be appreciated. I'm not sure what I'm missing.

On top of that, I have all kinds of blue noise on my screen too. I didn't have this at first, but now, I have columns of it randomly on the screen.

Not good times.