After some testing today I have found out that the problems I am having trying to get three monitors to work in ubuntu 11.10 is not the fault of ubuntu at all. I believe it is a problem with gnome3 itself. I tried Debian Testing same result. I have two nvidia cards with duel DVI I was running separate X session and no Xinerama. This works great with Debian Stable. But not with Debian Testing or ubuntu. With Debian testing I could not get it to work with Xinerama. Both Debian Testing and ubuntu uses Gnome 3. The only thing ubuntu has fault with I can see is the crashing of the Sound-Indicator app when I click on it with Xinerama enabled. With I guess is fine, I don't want to use Xinerama. I want 3 Separate Xscreens with the Launcher and Pannel on all monitors. Or extended desktop like Twinviews does.

So I guess my question is. I am in search of a vidio card with 3 outs on the same GPU. Please give me some advise on the card I should get.