In 9.1, during bootup, Ubuntu temporarily displays a brown window with the word "Ubuntu" in white text. To the left is the Ubuntu symbol and below a status bar that moves from left to right.

This same window is displayed when a user logs into the OS and logs off of the OS.

My display "flickers" a few times whenever this brown window is visible. It's pretty quick but very jarring.

Specifically, the "flicker" is like a few very rapidly appearing and disappearing horizontal black bars that might appear anywhere in the vertical space of the display.

There is no loss of functionality, but I wonder if there is some way to address it (i.e., make it go away.).

Graphics-wise, everything else is working pretty good right now. I have a Radeon X1550 graphic card using the radeonhd driver and I'm using a DELL display through a VGA connection.