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Thread: how can I use gcc/g++ with my live CD

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    how can I use gcc/g++ with my live CD

    I am using 6.06 live CD and I'm trying to load ubuntu on a G4/1Ghz laptop with 1GB of memory and a 50~60GB harddrive. I want to use it to write simple programs (c++ and fortran, but I can't get it to compile -- it doesn't have g++!) I cannot connect it to the internet, so how can I get it to install with g++? I thought there'd be a more involved long list of things to include/exclude, but there isn't. I ordered a CD/DVD version of 9.10, but that won't be here for an estimated 4~6 weeks. How can I get this to work. I've tried using my dual core mac running 10.4.11 to download the image and burn it to a DVD, but it won't do it... but that's a second issue. What I need is c++ in the G4 running ubuntu. I don't think my ISP will work with linux and I don't feel like holding for a few hours tomorrow just to find out for sure.

    Thanks in advance,
    -- Chris

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    Re: how can I use gcc/g++ with my live CD

    the default compiler in a live cd is gcc only as far as I know. Even though a DVD installation will have g++ installed.
    But if you have the DVD iso you can try installing it .. this link might be of some use to you..

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