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Thread: Open Call for Leadership Committee Nominations

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    Open Call for Leadership Committee Nominations

    At the January 3rd Meeting it was determined that the best leadership structure for the group is a 3 person committee. We also agreed on a two week nomination period and a one week voting period. See the meeting minutes here:

    We are opening the call for nominees today, January 9th.

    The call for nominations closes on January 23rd.

    The voting will open January 24th. We will be using for voting.

    Voting will end at January 31st.

    The elections process and timeline are documented at:

    The nominee template is at:

    Please nominate yourself using the template and place your nomination page at:<yourname>


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    Re: Open Call for Leadership Committee Nominations

    Hey folks -- I'm rather shocked that we have no nominations yet! I am unable to volunteer right now to lead; but we've had some wonderful folks getting this group together, and I want to see some of them volunteer! I'd like to thank those who have done the work so far, in particular Linda and Chuck. There are others I know in IRC but maybe not real names - cj, Dennis, Salt, Ashex, paulb, and robla come to mind; these folks have been helpful and involved also.

    This group isn't going to grow very fast without leadership, whether we choose one person or a small group. Please folks, nominate yourselves, so I can write some testimonials!



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