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Thread: Introduction of Online Document Conversion

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    Introduction of Online Document Conversion

    Hello All,

    I am very new at Ubuntuforums, so i just want to introduce my self.
    I work for JV Info Solutions, head quartered in
    Sydney. I work from our Noida office in India.

    Our offerings

    which convert any format like scanned image PDF or JPG or TIF and into text base documents such as RTF, TXT and DOC formats.

    STRUCTURING UNSTRUCTURED information for the enterprise, publishing and on-demand markets in the
    UK, US, Europe and Australia. This ranges from making information smarter through XML technology to editing and integrating content.

    Our work with clients world-wide like McGraw Hill, Mitsubishi and Macmillan Press is a testament to the focus on quality. We deploy a global operational model with a Center-of-Operations in
    India for the dual benefits of fast turn-around times and optimal price/performance.

    Feel free to contact me for any question you may have.

    Thanks & Warm Regards
    Monica Sharma
    JV Info Solutions
    Website -

    Website -
    Twitter -
    Gmail Id -

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    Re: Introduction of Online Document Conversion

    Howdy and welcome. This thread might be more appropriate for the Community Market.
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    An open forum. Its a free for all. Check us out.

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    Re: Introduction of Online Document Conversion


    Precisely I need this service this user is offering above, that is,
    to convert some scanned images JPG formatted as a pdf to text base documents such as TXT and DOC formats.

    Until now, I have not found this service online free. I think it is possible to do it with a OCR Tool as OCRFeeder but I have not the slightest idea how.

    Any suggestion?

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    Re: Introduction of Online Document Conversion

    Thread Closed

    Necromancy. Old thread now put to sleep.

    If you need support please post a new thread with a descriptive title in the appropriate sub-forum rather than posting on a dead, almost three year old thread.


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