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Thread: how to install libavcodec1d on 9.04.

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    how to install libavcodec1d on 9.04.

    hello every one.

    I want install php-ffmpeg on my ubuntu 9.04 . but the i can't install libavcodec1d package. the system show me "Couldn't find package libavcodec1d" . I had try to change other repository and add medibuntu repository. the error still here. I have on idea. need help.

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    Re: how to install libavcodec1d on 9.04.

    If correct name of package is php5-ffmpeg then you have it is repositories,but you have to enable universe repository.Do that by going to the system>admin>software sources<check all under ubuntu softwaer and first two under updates tab.Reload.Now you should be able to find package in synaptic by typing name in search box.
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