Hi there:

I have Kubuntu installed and running quite well, except for a couple of issues.

1) I cannot get pidgin installed. It installs fine, but when trying to start it, it shows up in the "task bar", but then will not come up on the screen. I click on the task bar box, and it goes away, no messages or anything.

2) Because of that I started using KOPete, which was pre-installed on my Kubuntu distribution, and it runs great. However, when my friends try to offer me a webcam stream, I click the ACCEPT button, the notification box goes away, and nothing else happens. KOPete doesn't crash, conversations continue just fine, but no webcam feed ever comes up.

I am running Kubuntu (latests build/updates) on a Dell Inspiron 1150. It runs fine (sometimes a bit slow in some things, but heck, its a 2003 computer! ). this is the only issue I have so far. Does anyone have any idea whats happening and how to correct it?

Thanks for you help!