Hi - I'm running a dual-boot Ubuntu 9.10 (with Vista) on an HPDV6000.

I frequent a coffeeshop and on their wireless network I'm unable to connect via SMTP to mymail.mymailserver.com 465

I'm also unable to connect to mydomain.com/cpanel, mydomain.com/webmail (port 2095) and myserverIP:2086 (WHM)

I've hounded the coffeeshop about closed ports on their firewall or at the ISP but this is not the case. In fact, I'm even able to boot into vista and can connect to all those places on this very same machine. I'm also sitting next to a guy with a Mac and he can connect to my webmail no problem - the problem is somewhere here in my Ubuntu...

Anyone have any idea what this might be or where to begin?