I find it interesting that 7digial says that they do not have a high demand for "other formats." How can they estimate this demand? How do they know that if they offered oggs not many additional people who would not buy the same music in mp3 format would buy them?

Perhaps they judge "demand" based on the number of complaints? If so, if you feel like it, send them a polite comment saying (if the following is true, that is) that you do not purchase music in mp3 format, but that you would purchase oggs.

Below is my question and the response to my question regarding oggs:


When will you support ogg or flac downloads? Is the reason you haven't supported them yet due to restrictions or simply lack of demand? I would love to buy albums, but I will only pay for ogg or flac format.

I love the integration with Songbird!

Thank you!




Thanks for your feedback. We do support other formats but at the moment we don't have a high demand for them. For major releases we will sell flac files so keep your eye out for them. In the future we hope to have more and more of these but our main goal in the present is to increase the breadth of the music available.

Glad to hear you like the songbird integration. Songbird is a great program.

Happy holidays.

7digital Download Support