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Thread: cd-r not mounting

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    Angry cd-r not mounting

    Hello, this is my first post (sorry if its in the wrong section); I've only just started using ubuntu linux, and, I have to say, it is by far the best OS I have seen so far. I've looked everywhere for help on my problem, but none seems to exist.

    My problem is this- whenever I place a CD-R in my drive, the light beside it flashes a few times, and does nothing for a few minutes. It then says that it could not mount the drive. When I press the eject button, it will SOMETIMES (not always) say this. Also, it will not open, even if it does not give this message- I have to shut down, and, before the OS has loaded, eject the disk.

    The strange thing is that I don't think it's the cd drive, as it loads music CDs (like you would buy in a shop) and DVDS fine. Also, this was installed from a CD-R.

    Please help, if you can

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    Re: cd-r not mounting

    well, I don't know why, but for some reason, after I changed the order of BIOS devices, so that it tried to load from my hard drive first, booted up the computer, put in a cd, went to places, then the cd, then took it out, and placed it back in, it started working. Hope it helps anyone else!

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