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Thread: Certificate With 9.10

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    Certificate With 9.10

    Ive become a big fan of Ubuntu as of 9.10- and ive switched over to it for the most part. With some great help from you guys ive been running flawlessly on it for awhile.

    Well I have another issue i cant seem to figure out. My Laptop connects to normal wifi no problem- but Im back at school and I cant get it to connect. I went to the computer help center and they dont know much about Linux. They gave me a certificate and put it on my desktop. I set up a new connection, tell it to use the Certificate, enter in my user id and password, select the security type (PEAP?). I dont have my laptop with me atm so I cant double check it. After doing this (the help desk entered the IP) I still cant connect. Is there any hope?

    I really appreciate the help, you guys have been great. even if I cant get it working, you guys smoke any windows help ive seen.

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    Re: Certificate With 9.10

    Curiously, the next thread down seems to be a similar topic... and [SOLVED].
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