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Thread: Help me choose my new laptop !

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    Talking Help me choose my new laptop !

    Sup guys!

    Currently I'm running Dell Inspiron E1505 but it is very damaged.

    What I'm trying to buy is a laptop, up to $600-700 for only linux/ubuntu use.

    In your opinion, which brand ( ex. dell, acer, hp ) has the least compatibility issues.

    -Which integrated video card should it have ( intel, ati, nvidia ).

    Have you bough a new laptop recently which runs great on ubuntu with compiz?

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    Re: Help me choose my new laptop !

    i dont think CPU brand really is much of an issue these days in reality.
    up until a couple of months ago i was using a ACER Extensa 5220
    intel graphics, Atheros wireless,no webcam,
    intel audio, Intel Celeron m 1.8 cpu 2GBram 160gb hd card readers,pcmcia
    worked really well, that was a great little pc,
    even had Mac OS ten on it once., they come with dual-core, more ram, webcams etc.but 15" and i wanted a bigger screen, with better speakers.

    the intel GMA video was poor in jaunty, especially fullscreen youtube etc so i tweaked & recompiled a kernel or two and had it running well.
    but they have fixed that now, so not an issue i guess..

    in Hardy (Acer 5220) the wireless was nor working, so i had to compile the driver from source. but later on Jaunty worked ok, apart from the crappy pulseaudio.but it did'nt bother me much, as i use KDE.
    power management was ok.CPU ran warm, but thats a celeron-M for you. apart from suspend to/from disc.

    this Packard Bell Easynote LJ 61, LED backlit 17" AMD Turion dual-core 2.2ghz ATI 3200 (dual 320Gb HD) 4GbRAM Atheros wifi,card reader, suyin webcam , is an Azalea audio, Acer machine really, too, its nothing special, but the CPU frequency scaling works way better than the old celeron CPU in the other laptop, power management works well on all distro's i have tried <lots>

    the screen is good. the ATI drivers install and run and seem reliable so far, with video frames per sec on an 1280i HD video, better than on xp vista or 7.. the KDE4 desktop looks great.

    PClinuxOS doesn't see the wifi card,
    Mandriva 2009 / 2010 just refuse to boot properly

    suspend to disk works now, CPU runs nice,cool and quiet.
    so presently using Xubuntu with KDE4.4.3.2
    Ubuntu finds and uses all the hardware as you would hope.even the webcam.
    Pulseaudio means i dont use Ubuntu though
    hope this is intresting..

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    Re: Help me choose my new laptop !

    I don't think the brand really matters as long as the main components of the computer are compatible with Linux. Try and get as much info (specs) on the computers you're interested in and google the names of the components therein to check for possible Linux issues.

    That's how I would do it anyway if I were in your place.
    Desktop : iMac 21.5" (2011) Core i5 Sandy Bridge - AMD Radeon HD 6750M - 8Gb RAM - OS X 10.8.3 Mountain Lion
    Laptop : EasyNote TS 44HR (2012) - Core i3 Sandy Bridge - Intel HD3000 - 4Gb RAM - elementary OS 0.2 + Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

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