I have xbmc live, linux running on a zotac ion htpc hardwired via lan to windows home server.
When I use windows 7 on my zotac everything runs smooth, but when I use xbmc live it seems as if my network connection is to slow to play anything - it plays 10 seconds of movie - buffers for 30 seconds and so on.
xbmc live is running on a usb stick, but windows 7 is installed on harddrive.

Do you have any suggestions to why there seems to be slow network connection when i'm running xbmc live linux. The strange thing is, that in the beginning everything worked ok, then sometimes the network would have some problems which usually went away if you waited 10 minuttes or so. But now I cannot run anything from from xbmc live without constant buffering which usually ends in the movie stopping and ending up in the library.
As I said, when I boot to windows 7, everything streams great from my server to media center.

So I guess the problem would be some network settings in linux (xbmc live) or the fact that xbmc is running from af usb stick - but there is no delay in menus or anything.