I found a bunch of complaints about the Google Earth installation. I tried to install/reinstall GE from the Ubuntu Software Center and from the Terminal - all the same. When I try to open GE it does so but when it tries to go to the server it ends up giving the following message: "Google Earth could not contact http://kh.google.com:80/ . Please check your network connection..." and another one: "Google Earth could not establish a new session with EarthServer...."

I tried to go to http://kh.google.com:80/ using my Firefox but it says:"Google Error. Not Found. The requested URL / was not found on this server." Also I tried Google Earth help website, Ubuntu Wiki GE troubleshooting and a bunch of other suggestions but none of them addressed my problem precisely and therefore did not help.

I have Ubuntu 9.10, it is the only OS installed on this laptop. There are no firewalls or anything that would interfere with the connection.

Any help would be appreciated.