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Thread: Just to Share. My 9.1O ToDo List

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    Just to Share. My 9.1O ToDo List


    I am using Ubuntu since 2006.

    Just to share. Here are few thing I need to do to match
    Ubuntu 9.1O up to my Windows install (dual boot ~ games!!).

    My ubuntu 9.1O ToDo List

    # mplayer && purevideo [VDPAU] #

    I had compiled it under 9.O4. Now it is broken 9.1O
    Mplayer was not using processor even 5% playing HD! Completely working with smplayer & all. cool!!
    See [wait. Link in linux partition. How do i access that through windows in 9.1O?]

    # DISABLE python startup & ubuntuONE #

    This is easy. No need ubuntuONE.
    "sysv-rc-conf" is the best app there is for these dirty jobs.

    # REMOVE all icons @ gnome-panel #

    This doesn't work!

    # linux_phc (acpi_inside_kernel_since_9.O4) #

    My C2D E75OO is very hot ~ 75C @ 3.3GHz (did all I could to cool it physically except expensive cooler).
    Using RMClock in Windows to reduce voltage. Previously used 1.288 core voltage @ Cpu-Z.
    Now it uses 1.152. Heat is reduced to 54C @ full usage (even in LinX v6).

    Same can be achieved in linux using linux PHC patch for acpi module.

    # nvidia official driver & "custom_kernel" && dkms #

    Says it all. New kernel for linux_phc req. since acpi module is no longer a module!
    It is inside the kernel now (Why did they do it?)

    Official Nvidia drivers would require my custom kernel source &
    so would any future graphic driver update. (remeber to keep the source).

    # `visudo` error @ gnome apps like mount thru nautilus. #

    Previously I used to do visudo and add NOPASSWD in sudoers file to stop asking
    me for password to do super-user task. This give errors in 9.1O. Example mount internal partitions.
    Going to look into this.

    # application filtering firewall #
    A firewall like Zonealarm or Comodo to block all outgoing connection and ask for my permission before allowing outgoing connections. Firestarter had it but was buggy which made me dump it ( didn't start or something I don't remember, used it in 8.1O. Was a workaround for it too. Starting it before network or something).

    PS- screenshots won't hurt! A bit OLD.
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