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I want to ENABLE my nvidia card so that I can use Unity/Compiz/etc in Natty without changing the bios from Enhanced to Compatibility. Can this be done?
The readme explains how to do this. From


starting at line 94:
It is also possible, though very, very alpha and extremely
not recommended for average users to use the asus-switcheroo
module as a dummy switcheroo client that allows you to run
the proprietary nvidia module.  To do this, blacklist
nouveau and rebuild your initramfs to get nouveau out of it.
Use the dummy-client=1 option for asus-switcheroo, if loaded
from initramfs, use asus-switcher.dummy-client=1.  At boot,
switch to DIS, modprobe nvidia, then start X using the nvidia
proprietary driver.  Note that the screen LVDS will go black
as soon as you switch via DIS and will not come back until X
starts.  There is no framebuffer driver in this mode, so you
will only have X.  This switch is one way, you'll need to
reboot to get Intel graphics back.