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Thread: ISO won't burn; what's wrong?

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    Re: ISO won't burn; what's wrong?

    If you want to try a different burner ... reco a free cdburnerXP.

    Try it. If it works, then you know infra was borked. If it does not work, then it 'could' be the optical drive.
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    Re: ISO won't burn; what's wrong?

    I also tried burning the .iso file in a CD-RW 700MB but they recommended CD-R 700MB in the ubuntu website (the .iso file is just 695MB right?).
    I tried Nero burner, InfraRecorder, and even the default Windlose 7 image burner. But they all said "The data can't fit on the media (CD-RW)".
    Heck! Guess I need a CD-R but the nearby store ran out of CD-Rs so I went to and followed the tutorials there to create a bootable flash drive with Karmic Koala. The steps are relatively easy to follow and booting from USB is not a problem on my PC. Installing Karmic on the hard drive is even faster using a flash drive.
    Try it out!

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    Arrow Re: ISO won't burn; what's wrong?

    Update: Tried the new burn drive and it worked just fine. No defects or anything. Not sure about the interface yet, so I'll be making another disk for Kubuntu to see if I like that any better.

    Thanks, everyone!

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