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Thread: Ylmf OS

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    Re: Ylmf OS

    The Quotes in the installer are great.
    Im trying to pass it off as an XP box in some student lab clusters.

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    Re: Ylmf OS

    I have not tried it myself yet, but I heard they did something unique with WINE, so that it seamlessly integrates with the habits of a XP user, assuming the support exists.....I dont know how well it works, but that is exactly what Ubuntu should be doing without trying to copy the look or feel of windows.

    If wine worked automatically without having to set it up, if it just executed when you plop in a disk meant for windows rather than having to take the extra steps to open it in wine....that is what it will take to spread the GNU and Linux platform....and even low level users help by increasing the popularity of the OS.

    Linux users need to accept a lower standard of typical user if you really want to go mainstream and make the worlds technology based around open source principles rather than corporate oligarchy.

    If Wine seamlessly integrates without special promoting, then they have really brought something new to the table....if its just pre-installed without improving compatibility or interface, then they havnt really done much besides make a new skin.

    Maybe I should check it out before judging it.
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    Re: Ylmf OS

    whats wrong with my YLMF os?

    i could not see the taskbar. whenever i point the pointer to the taskbar it shows like this...

    dont tell me its because my lcd has a problem no its not. its fine if an xp is installed with it but when i tried YLMF thats what happend.

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    Re: Ylmf OS

    Well that sucks.

    I am not super impressed with this OS. it seems like they are trying to copy the exact look and feel of windows, probably to trick people, rather than merely compensate for the functionality that people expect when coming from windows....two totally separate things.

    I doubt everyone has your problem though. People have odd problems with Ubuntu as well.

    It does seem that they have done a few innovative things beyond copying the look of windows....not as much as Ubuntu, but a few things.

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    Re: Ylmf OS

    This looks pretty neat actually... I may give it a try. Thanks for the links.
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