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    Re: Chinese Pirates produce WinXP clone based off of Ubuntu

    Hmm, that WLMF OS at offers downloads to the themes that I use from zgegblog found here .


    I used google translate to translate (the link to the infinity theme)
    Gnome Infinity:
    Software size: 16.53 MB 16.53 MB
    软件语言: Software language: 简体中文 Simplified han
    软件性质: Software properties: 国产软件 China-made software
    软件授权: Software License: 免费软件 Freeware
    软件等级: Software rating:

    3 3
    更新时间: Updated: 2009-12-22 16:53 2009-12-22 16:53
    应用平台: Application Platform: Linux Linux
    软件MD5: Software MD5: 4705DCCA779D653DD68293A3C33137C5 4705DCCA779D653DD68293A3C33137C5

    It went from GPL to freeware?, and the credits file is missing from the archive. I'm not a license guru, but I thought I'd mention it.

    Correction, the license and credits files are found only in the tar.gz theme files at, not in the deb files... but still.
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