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Thread: Nobody Wants To Go First!

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    Nobody Wants To Go First!

    As with any online community, nobody wants to go first. Well I have started more than a few since the BBS 80's and I know you have to hop in and just spout off. Sooner or later someone will agree or disagree with you and that's all it takes to get the ball rolling.

    I've got one for you; I am really glad Christmas is over because now I can get back to Ubuntu. That's terrible isn't it?

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    Re: Nobody Wants To Go First!

    Christmas IS over, whether I want it or not. My youngest dog died today, apparently of a tumor no one knew about. The two older ones are still clicking along, even with their multiple health issues. Gosh, life can be surprising in both good and bad ways.

    Dealing with *buntu and LoCo issues will be a much-needed change here!

    Can't wait for the new year, for the same reasons.

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    Re: Nobody Wants To Go First!

    sorry to hear about the dog. I cant seem to do anything, as one look at the pile of kids toys that require assembly quickly sends me back upstairs to sulk and wish it all away. I wouldnt mind It it were one or two but . . .
    I'm looking forward to the dust clearing and getting back to school and trying of course to contribute to the ubuntu wa thing.
    By the way I was going to go first, but well, what to talk about ? . . . .

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    Re: Nobody Wants To Go First!

    Holidays went well, wife and I scheduled in a little less this year, and it was definitely more relaxed. Back to work and school as of Monday the 4th, January 2010.
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