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Thread: "Unknown Monitor" and cant increase resolution beyoud 800x600

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    First of all thanks to Sharaq for your excellent post and help.

    I followed his instructions and the resolution changed and worked fine

    However as with many other posts I could not keep this permanent by editing the /etc/gdm/Init/Default file as he suggested

    As wizel post in thread I confirmed that the gdm file was not being used at startup hence reason why pasting xrandr commands into this file did not change resolution upon restarting!!

    So I then created script file /usr/local/bin/ as detailed in wizels other post in thread above

    However when I created this file you can
    see resolution changing once starts up. More annoyingly using this I had to remove my clock and CPU monitor applets on the desktop as showing in middle of screen.
    Even more annoyingly
    I noticed that when starting up from cold cairo dock was in middle of screen and changed colour on lots of menu's looks to grey.
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