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Thread: Bluetooth headsets

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    Cool Bluetooth headsets

    I use a Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth headset daily to assist in communications with my Blackberry phone.

    I would like to know what other Bluetooth headsets others on UF are using


    if anyone has been able to get a BT headset to work reliably with the Skype software application.

    I used to use a Blueant but found the ear piece pads wear out prematurely and are expensive to replace.
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    Re: Bluetooth headsets

    Had a couple different Bluetooth headsets working with skype back in edgy,fiesty and hardy. Have yet to try karmic or lucid and never did try gutsy. But it is possible with a bit of work.

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    Re: Bluetooth headsets

    I used a Samsung WEP870
    I normally use it for work (we get skyped on these instead of having someone look for us....).
    Really good sound quality, actually sounds natural.
    Works well even with background noise, but I tried it while it was windy outside, and it didnt go so well.
    Although it does require you to plug in the stereo cable to get stereo sound....
    It was used with an unlocked google nexus + my laptop.
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