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Thread: All the various ways... to find the NC LoCo.

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    All the various ways... to find the NC LoCo.


    In an attempt to better organize the NC LoCo structure and means of contact; the NC Loco team decided to create a forum posting that would help our community better connect and communicate.

    There are three main points of contact for the NC LoCo:

    • The forums... (obviously)
      While this is a great medium and usually the first point of contact for people who have just discovered Ubuntu. It is not the best medium for real time contact.
    • The Mailing List
      A great way to keep in touch with current events, announcements and important messages... as well as communication in general. If you have not subscribed yet, please do so at:
    • IRC : #ubuntu-us-nc
      This is our main point of contact. It is also the location that team meetings occur, if you want to be involved in the direction of the team and have a voice - this is the place to do it. There is a small how-to at the bottom of this posting detailing how to use pidgin to connect to IRC. Personally, I would encourage anyone who wants to be involved in the NC LoCo to stop by this channel and introduce yourself. This is also a great place to solve problems, get information or just have a good time (usually at akgraner's expense )
    • The North Carolina Team Wiki
      This is the "semi-official" work in progress of the Ubuntu NC Team LoCo. Any and all information regarding our LoCo, what we have done, planning to do, or failed miserably at is located here. There is a calendar of events, both past and upcoming, the schedule for meetings and the logs of past meetings; as well as our roadmaps for all planned conquests. The wiki can be found here:

    How-to connect to #ubuntu-us-nc with Pidgin

    I would encourage anyone who uses a different application to chat on IRC to post their how-to as well.

    I realize many people new to Ubuntu are unfamiliar with IRC Channels. Although this happens to be a standard method that the Linux community has used to communicate for years upon years... It is the same as Instant Messaging with any methodology such as Google Talk, Yahoo or AIM. Many people get confused by the whole concept of IRC, so by popular request... this is a very simple How-To IRC with pidgin.

    Pidgin, up until Karmic, was the default IM client in Ubuntu. Personally I find it very useful since it connects to all major chat protocols - gtalk, yahoo, msn, aim, IRC, etc. I use it quite a bit for staying in touch with people from work, so instead of using the plethora of other applications available for IRC I use this one...

    We will start by adding the IRC account. Open the Buddy List, at the top select Accounts --> Manage Accounts; then click the Add button.

    Make the window that just opened look like this:

    Obviously pick your own username, don't worry about a password for now that only has to do with registered nicks. Click, Add and your account will be setup in Pidgin.

    Now go back to you Pidgin Buddy List, at the top select, Buddies --> Join a Chat and make that window look like this:

    Click on Join... and the window that opens is the NC LoCo IRC Channel. Once in, if you have questions regarding the finer details of IRC we'll be able to help you.


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    Re: All the various ways... to find the NC LoCo.

    Thanks for the Pidgin how-to internalkernel. The screenshots make me wonder what theme you use.

    I prefer XChat myself but I've made a screencast of how to connect to the team's IRC channel using Empathy and posted it to youtube. I'm pretty sure this forum doesn't allow embedding youtube video so I'm just posting the link. I apologize for the quality of the audio, my webcam mic pics up too much of the background noise from 4 pc's.

    Using Empathy to connect to NC LoCo Team on IRC

    Here is a very good how-to on XChat

    Have Fun Y'all!

    --that's carpenter, not the nasty fish...

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    Re: All the various ways... to find the NC LoCo.

    Techo theme off

    Adjusted the colors slightly... I like dark themes.


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