Hello all,

I have a Toshiba laptop running Win XP. I used UNetbootin to install Ubuntu 9.10 as a second OS in that machine.

Now when I start the machine, I see the screen saying 'check system and then press F1'. I press F1, it takes me to BIOS settings. Once I exited BIOS, the screen prints out 'GRUB LOADING' and I see memtest86 running. This thing finishes after more than one hour and finds no errors. Once I restarted as it asks me to do, the same cycle repeats again.

What can I do now? The memtest loads right after the message 'GRUB LOADING' and me pressing anything does not make a difference. I do not have a reliable CD drive in the laptop (that is why I went for UNetbootin) to try any live cd.

Any suggestion would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you