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Thread: HOWTO: Install AVG free anti-virus

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    HOWTO: Install AVG free anti-virus

    AVG Linux Free Edition - Do not exist anymore

    Tested in Feisty x86
    For Ubuntu 64-bit:

    This guide have been totally rewritten due to the support of an avg.deb package.

    If you're looking for Anti-virus to protect Windows OS, network, servers etc. via your Linux system, you might use this instead: HOWTO: Install F-Prot anti-virus

    This one is for paranoid single home users

    NOTE: It can only scan, no more no less!

    ================================================== ==========

    Q: Is viruses, trojans and malware a threat to a linux system as in Windows?

    A: No, there's a very few viruses to linux and the way a Linux/unix is build up makes it difficult to do any serious damage to the system, in fact I've never heard from people who got their Linux/unix system infected.

    Q: So why install a anti-virus application/program?

    A: For an ordinary Linux Home user with only one OS system their's no need for Anti-virus, but people who's running network, server or dual booting with win OS this tool can be very handy to scan and delete viruses.

    Q: I'm a home user only running Linux do I need it?

    A: No, a firewall is way better as protection in that case.

    ================================================== ==========

    Before Installation

    Make sure that your sourcelist is set up correctly. If you are in doubt make a search on the forum.


    Download The Free AVG Advisor from here (.deb) to your Desktop.

    cd ~/Desktop
    sudo dpkg -i avg75fld-r45-a0973.i386.deb


    Making a launcher to start AVG

    sudo rm -r /usr/share/applications/avggui.desktop
    sudo nano /usr/share/applications/avg.desktop
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=AVG Antivirus
    Exec=gksudo avggui &
    save and exit.

    You can now start AVG by going to Applications tab ---> System Tools.

    ================================================== ====

    If people want to discuss security about virus' and firewall if it needed or not, also a good place to see peoples opinion on this matter:
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