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Thread: Msi x320 help plz!!!

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    Msi x320 help plz!!!

    Hi, all... few days ago i bought a MSI X320 ultra slim netbook with installed Windows Vista, and i have a problem with watching movies in full screen, when i watch not in a full screen everything is ok, but when i put it on full screen it's running slow, and with interupted sound on some movies especially when i click on the right button for options, then it goes really slow. I downloaded also BS player, GOM player, used windows media player, downloaded vista codec packages, klite codecs (not in the same time), xvid codec, and that helped a little, but in the general the problem was still there, also tried to downloaded new graphic drivers (with no help because i have the newest drivers), tried to change resolution on BS player as well and still nothing?! I thought it's vista and i wanted to put XP on my x320, but before i decide to do that i wonder is there someone who has the same problem or who can help me! What should i do?Plz

    Should i install XP, would that help to watch movies without a problem?!

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    Re: Msi x320 help plz!!!

    this here is not a Windows forum. Have you ever heard of Ubuntu? That's the OS we support here anyway.


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