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Thread: ATI Radeon X1400 drivers / gaming

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    Question ATI Radeon X1400 drivers / gaming

    Hey. Vista died on me so I formatted and installed Ubuntu on my reincarnated laptop. It is a Dell Inspiron E1705.

    I am running into trouble running games on wine. I run into strange display problems that are usually not listed in the "common bugs" section, so I am guessing it has to do with my video card, which is an ATI Radeon X1400. So I'm trying to update the drivers.

    A game I'm trying to test is Counter Strike: Source, which worked perfectly on Vista. The game loads all right, but the screen goes black after the menu finishes loading. To fix this issue, I tried updating the video card, but ran into problems in each attempt:

    Apparently the device should be listed in System -> Hardware Drivers - but it is not.

    So I tried installing the ATI drivers using envyng, that just screwed up my display completely and I had to revert to the previous configuration.

    I tried following the steps on this link: (Install from Ubuntu repositories (easier)), but received the following prompt:

    sudo insmod /lib/modules/`uname -r`/volatile/fglrx.ko
    insmod: can't read '/lib/modules/2.6.28-13-generic/volatile/fglrx.ko': No such file or directory

    So basically I'm out of ideas. I would greatly appreciate any help!

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    Re: ATI Radeon X1400 drivers / gaming

    I'm in a similar perdicament. Did you find a solution ?


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