I had to dig through several posts to set up automated recording of my favorite internet radio show. So I hope this may of help to someone besides me.

This can be done with a single command using VLC:
1. Create a script file 'recordmyshow.sh', with the following content.
NOW=$(date +"%b-%d-%y")

cvlc --run-time=7200 http://kqed-ice.streamguys.org:80/kqedradio-ch-e1 --sout "#duplicate{dst=std{access=file,mux=raw,dst=/home/<user>/myshow-$NOW.mp3}" vlc://quit ;
cvlc is the commandline version of vlc
use --run-time to indicate the duration of the show in seconds
Replace the url to the radio station of your choice and dst to the path you desire. That's it

2. Mark the file as executable
chmod +x recordmyshow.sh
3. Schedule the recording in cron.
a. Launch the cron
crontab -e
b. Put the schedule in it
00 18 * * 06 /home/<user>/recordmyshow.sh
My favorite show is at 6 pm every Saturday.