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Thread: Laggy HD Video, many details

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    Laggy HD Video, many details

    Codec: ubuntu-restricted-extras non-free-codecs
    GPU: 8800 GTS 512 (G92) nVidia
    Player: VLC
    Ubuntu 11.10 32b

    I installed all these items from the software app on the stock gui. They do work for dvd. i tried increasing the buffer size in vlc and adjusting the x264 block settings to all. Teh block setting did work but is no longer hd

    May also need the accelerated drivers for nvidia 8 series, fml. not sure what nvidia drivers i need. I miss ATI for sure with ubuntu

    Any ideas?

    BTW can you make my netflix work!?!? I was looking at the XBMC but not at the computer atm.

    EDIT:: Adding: will try list
    - VDPAU with nvidia works with mplayer \ smplayer
    - Increasing video ram, playing flc file from temps
    - Nvidia's official driver \ 8 series of ubuntu's distro driver that should be the fix I will check back later
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    Re: Laggy HD Video, many details

    Update: Seems like those nvidia drivers are all inclusive. reinstall did not help. Going to try a new cpu though the current is on a stable OC

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    Re: Laggy HD Video, many details

    You need the nVidia proprietary driver for GPU decode etc using VDPAU.
    The 8800 GTS 512 is feature set A (the std 8800 GTS has no video decode).

    By default VLC uses CPU for decoding/post-processing.

    VLC can play 10Mbps H264 1080i (yadifx1) on 50% core2duo.
    It has no problem with BD 24p (easier in some ways).

    VLC does not directly support VDPAU but it can use VA-API (GPU acceleration).
    There is a VDPAU backend for VA-API (vdpau-va-driver).

    VLC has a problem with pulseaudio setup in some ubuntu versions..there is a simple mod to change pulseaudio timing method.

    What's x264 block setting got to do with this ?
    x264 is a H264 encoder..


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