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Thread: Having problem record my desktop...

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    Having problem record my desktop...

    This is my first time to post in this forum so guys help me I'm having a problems recording my desktop with Compiz-Fusion. I'm using Ubuntu 10.10. I'm using recordMyDesktop, Istanbul Desktop Recorder and XVidCap Screen Capture. In recordMyDesktop, when I play my record video. The video I recorded is lagged even moving the terminal with wobbly effects. Its same with Istanbul Desktop Recorder, but you have to minimize quality to work perfectly. Now in XVidCap Screen Capture is more better than I mention above. But there is a problem when I'm using Cubes and Expo under Compiz-Fusion Desktop Effects.

    This is my Laptop Specs:

    Intel Core i5 CPU M 430 @ 2.27GHz
    4096 MB DDR3 Dual Channel
    NVIDIA GeForce 310M
    Samsung R580/R590 Model

    Just watch my video and you can see the problem. Something its blinking in cubes and expo..
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