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Thread: Software RAID5 on Ubuntu 8.04

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    Software RAID5 on Ubuntu 8.04

    Hello everyone!

    I have found recently a problem - I need to install Ubuntu 8.04 server on software RAID5.

    I have FSC Primergy C150 server with 4x74Gb scsi hardrives. I Managed to install Ubuntu 9.10 server using 3 drives in software RAID 5 but the server was unstable, it was crashing. I think it's not hardware problem as I have run Memtest and PC Check to test the cpu, memory and motherboard and no errors reported. I reinstalled the 9.10 several times but it kept crashing at various stages.

    So I went back to 8.04 version. During the installation I choose manual disk partitioning, create primary partitions on all 3 drives (72.8Gb) and leave the rest (~700mb) on each drive for swap. I make them raid hardrives, then assign to raid 5, the create new raid and do the same with swap. For / partitions I select bootable flag, save raid info and continue installation. The installation itself goes ubnormaly slow, the copying of packages is very slow (on 9.10 was fast). After the install process I reboot the server and get error:

    GRUB loading.
    erro: biosdisk read error
    erro: file not found
    grub rescue>

    I think there must be way of installing Ubuntu 8.04 on software raid5. Any ideas? Install grub2 on 8.04?

    Thanks! Any ideas are more than welcome!
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