First off, I have Karmic installed on my Toshiba laptop. I installed it thinking it would be a massive update from Jaunty but it seems to cause a few more problems for me.

The thing is I wanted to use my HDTV as a monitor and mirror the display from the laptop so I could sort of use it as a desktop computer with a great widescreen display. But when I try to set it to the only satisfying resolution (1360x768 16:9) the screen is mirrored, but the image is not centered properly. The screen seems to be only partially visible on my TV and there's parts on the left that are black and blank where the screen should reach.

After doing some searches and research, I heard I could turn off my desktop effects to get it working. I went to System > Preferences > Appearance to turn them off only to find they were already off. I tried to enable them thinking I could adjust everything if I had enabled and disabled them, but my computer searched for drivers and gave me an error saying that desktop effects could not be enabled.

I really don't understand why this happened. I looked on System > Administration > Hardware Drivers and it said I wasn't using any proprietary drivers on my system. It's strange as well because I could have sworn on older versions of Ubuntu that my ATI card would show up.

Anybody have any ideas on how I can fix this? I'm convinced my biggest problem is getting this graphics card working on Ubuntu. I know it's working fine since it works like a charm whenever I use Windows 7 on the same machine, but I prefer using Ubuntu because it's faster and nicer. Am I going to have to reinstall Karmic or downgrade to Jaunty?